Frequently Asked Questions

What is is an open, global, data protection, privacy and control platform designed to greatly reduce information abuse and misuse both online and in-person. It combines a smart-contract enabled decentralised ledger with an open market of cloud based and private data storage nodes. It uses trusted Smart Data Access Contracts to control access to the data held within its vaults, ultimately allowing individuals and organisations to take control of their digital footprint. is the underlying platform; applications, such as Datona Identity, can use as a data layer to easily implement data sharing use cases. For more information, please see the white paper or our online documentation.

What are Smart Data Access Contracts (S-DACs)?

S-DACs are smart contracts specifically designed to manage access to data shared within a data vault on the platform. The contract encodes any access, update, termination and payment terms agreed between the owner and requester prior to sharing the data. Alongside the code, S-DACs also specify a simple summary of the terms along with any full legal terms and conditions, which are independently (usually publicly) verified to ensure the three are aligned. Users of the platform can query it at any time for a snapshot of their digital data footprint.

What is a Data Vault?

A data vault is a node on the network that securely holds owners' encrypted data in accordance with the access, update and termination conditions defined by the managing S-DACs. Data vaults can be cloud-based or locally hosted, public or private. For more information, please see the white paper.

Can I deploy my own Data Vault?

Yes. Anyone can deploy their own data vault node on the network. Datona Labs will release the data vault software stack open source for others to experiment with and develop further. It is hoped that the platform, and Smart Data Access in general, will benefit from a flourishing market of cloud-based data vault services, each competing on grounds of security, privacy, feature set, cost and quality of service.

What is Datona Identity?

Datona Identity is the name of Datona Labs' first application-layer project to use the platform. It acts as a proof of concept application for the platform and as a source of open source platform api libraries for use by other application development projects. It enables individuals and organisations to share their personal identity data with others - with verification evidence if required - while retaining full control over the access and deletion of that data. For more information, please see the white paper.

What is Datona Labs?

Datona Labs is a not-for-profit UK based limited company focussed on the development and promotion of the platform, the Datona Vault, the Datona Identity project and the Datona Hub community. The founders of Datona Labs have a proven track record within the rail, aircraft and defence industries managing and developing high integrity, safety critical software projects for 20 years.

What is Datona Hub?

Datona Hub will be a community web portal designed to encourage and incentivise community and commercial projects based around the platform, including: development of apps that explore new Smart Data Access use cases; S-DAC verification and validation services; private data vault consultancy; and many others.

Are all Datona Labs projects open source?, including the blockchain and all core data vault software, will be open source along with server-side software, web widgets and application layer libraries that simplify the development of apps that use the platform. The Datona Identity project will remain closed source for the time being but will spawn many of the open source application layer libraries. Datona Labs reserves the right to turn Datona Identity and Datona Vault into their own for-profit projects in the future.

Will Datona Labs help fund other projects developed for the platform?

Yes. Provided funding goals are reached, Datona Labs will run a grant programme through the Datona Hub portal designed to encourage projects that explore contract-controlled data sharing use cases or support the platform in some way.

What wallets will be available?

The project will release a command line wallet in conjunction with the testnet. The Datona Identity project will develop a graphical wallet as part of its identity app, which will be usable as a general purpose wallet.